Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated much lately. I've been really busy with work and helping my new roommate move in.  I wanted to announce our sponsors for this years contest, so far. We are pleased to have YoYoExpert, Duncan, YoYoJam, CLYW, Square Wheels YoYo Company, G Squared, One Drop, and Hildy Brothers all confirmed as sponsors. I am still talking to a few more possible sponsors for the contest. I'll be designing and ordering a banner this week.

A good friend of mine who has shot local music videos will be on hand to record the freestyles and I'm really excited for that.

The contest rules will mostly follow those of MWR so for Junior we will be doing 14 and under in the 1A Division and the freestyles will be 90 seconds. If you'd rather compete in the the main 1A Division please contact me before the contest if you are under 15.

Over the week I plan on updating more often with information.

See you all soon,


I'm going to setup a dropbox folder so people can upload their music early. Hopefully I get it up tonight.  Also I ordered the banner for the contest today, I hope it turns out.

Iowa State YoYo Contest 2013

Hey guys, sorry about the delay in announcing this year's contest. I've been busy attending contest and judging them too.  A lot has been learned since last year. The contest will be held at Vaudeville Mews on October 19, 2013.  The contest will follow a schedule similar to the one below:


  • 11:01am - 12:00pm Registration & music CD turn-in.
  • 12:01pm - 1:00pm Sport Ladder and Junior 1A
  • 1:01pm - 2:00pm Open Championship Division
  • 2:01pm - 3:00pm Fixed Axle Division
  • 3:01pm - 4:30pm 1A Championship Division
  • 4:31pm - 5:00pm Professional Demonstrations and Awards

The schedule may change before the contest and slight modifications will be made the day of if needed, so please keep an eye out.  Short breaks in between divisions will also probably happen to allow the judges to eat, get up, and move around.


The rules will follow those of the National YoYo Contest and World YoYo Contest, however, may be adjusted to accommodate a smaller state yoyo contest.



Sport Ladder (11 & under) and (12 & up)
Fixed Axle Freestyle
Junior 1A Freestyle
1A Freestyle
Open Freestyle


First Division: $15.00
Secondary Divisions: $5
Ladder Divisions: $5
Fixed Axle: FREE!
General Admission: FREE!

Amounts are subject to change and fees are not for profit.  They are there for us to handle venue costs and help the volunteers cover some of the traveling costs.


Music must not contain any vulgar, derogatory,  or sexual language.  Breaking this rule will result in immediate disqualification in all divisions.  If you have any questions please ask a judge or contest volunteer to listen to your music before your division.


This year, like last year, we will announce the site on as many yoyo sites as we can.  Please keep an eye out on YoYoExpert, YoYoNews, YoYoCommunity, Ducan's Site, and Facebook.  If you have a site you'd like us to put a listing on leave a comment to this post.

We already have some committed sponsors and more will will soon be added. There will be an announcement in the following weeks, as to which are connected with the contest.

We will be also working with a local LAN Party site to setup a better website to allow for registration and music uploads.  Please keep an eye out for that soon.  For any additional questions please email iowastateyoyocontest@gmail.com

Thank you,


Iowa State YoYo Contest 2012 Results

Brought to you by One Drop, Duncan, YoYoExpert and TMBR Toys!!!



01. Adam Brewster - 99.26
02. Eric Tranton - 70.58
03. Alex Berenguel - 58.08
04. Derek Britson - 57.14
05. Stephanie Haight - 52.63
06. Trevor Boice - 49.42
07. Shakeem Anderson - 43.56
07. Jacob Vaughn - 43.56
09. Braden Lefler - 34.4
10. Jason Curry - 33.27
11. Noah Conkling - 29.59
12. Scott Sallee - 29.07
13. Sitthy Heng - 25.32
14. Justin Perez - 22.30


01. Eric Tranton - 95.48
02. Adam Brewster - 58.22
03. Noah Conkling - 47.18
04. Shakeem Anderson - 39.86
05. Justin Perez - 38.09
06. Stephanie Haight - 31.45
07. Jason Curry - 8.47

Fixed Axle

01. Blake Freeman - 95.63
02. Spencer Berry - 89.24
03. Dave Poyzer - 54.52
04. Adam Brewster - 50.75
05. Stephanie Haight - 45.90
06. Scott Sallee - 33.34
07. Rico - 25.60

The scores I gave at the contest were a little off because I had them calculating up to 110%. Sorry for that, the results were still the same. Only bad thing is Dave didn't beat Adam by 0.16, points it was closer to 4.00.  Once again, I hope everyone had fun, and will attend the next one.  Hopefully things will be a little more polished, and I wont have emergencies one hour before the contest.  Thanks again to everyone for coming and see you next time.


If you'd like to pre-register to give us a better idea of how many people are attending you can go here to complete the form and send registration fees to  iowastateyoyocontest@gmail.com via paypal.

2012 Iowa State Contest

The contest will be held at Devine Dancers
2913 Ingersoll Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50312

Music Rules:

Music used for freestyles MUST be clean. No foul language or excessive innuendo. If you are found in breach of this rule the music will be stopped, you will be asked to leave the stage and disqualified from the contest.


Sport Ladder (11 & under) and (12 & up)
Fixed Axle Freestyle
1A Freestyle
Open Freestyle

First Division: $15.00
Secondary Divisions: $5
Ladder Divisions: $5
Fixed Axle: FREE!
General Admission: FREE!